Pop Up @ The Curious Cafe, Cheltenham on 24th October

Come along for a 3-course Indian Street Food experience at the wonderful Curious Cafe on Bath Road!
Food served from 7pm – drinks available from the bar 🥂
£25 per person


Canapes on arrival:

Pani Puri – “Ball shaped poppadoms” filled with black chickpeas, potato, onion & coriander, topped with savoury gram sticks & tamarind flavoured water. Medium. Contains gluten

Thali plate:


Crispy Bhajia – Thin slices of potato in spiced chickpea flour, deep fried and seasoned. Mild


Kachori – Deep fried balls of curried moong dal & peas, wrapped in savoury pastry. Mild. Contains gluten and mustard seed


Onion Bhaji – Sliced onions in spiced batter, deep fried. Medium to Hot


Chana Dal – A lentil based dish, using two different varieties of dals blended with spices. Mild


Potato Curry – Chunks of potato slow cooked in various Indian spices, another Indian mum’s classic! Medium


Aubergine & Pea Curry – Shallow fried, spiced aubergine cooked with peas. Medium


Pilau Rice – Basmati rice cooked with onions and spices


Naan – Plain flatbread. Contains gluten


Accompanied with dips, chutneys, garnish and side salsa



Kheer – An Indian version of rice pudding. Contains nuts


Email hello@theindianguy.co.uk if any questions!